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New Screenplay!


Eliza is currently developing a screenplay based on the play The Seagull  by Anton Chekhov. She hosted a development workshop in New York in October 2022. She plans to direct and act in this project, her first feature. 


Stranger Things: the Experience

Eliza performed in this production in partnership with Netflix, Mycotoo, and Fever. She played the character Blake Collins, a PR rep for Hawkins lab.  She also covered for lab scientist Alex, and Eleven (which included performing a stunt!).

Stranger Things


Eliza starred in this short film about a small town tragedy. The film is set in the 30s and created in the style of an old Hollywood studio film. 


Suzanne, Lee, and Marianne

Eliza recently released her self produced short film about three female artists who broke boundaries in their fields. She wrote, starred in, and edited this piece.

Trouble in Mind

Eliza played Judy Sears in Trouble in Mind directed by Awoye Timpo for American Conservatory Theater's Out Loud reading series.

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